Venezuelans hopeful, but wary as aid standoff intensifies

Al Jazeera | Venezuelans express hope, fear, disillusionment as opposition-set deadline for aid to be allowed into Venezuela nears.

Photo: Mia Alberti

Cucuta, Colombia – Alejandra Oliveira and her family sat beneath a tree just a few metres from the border between Colombia and Venezuela. They were selling water and other fresh beverages to passersby.

“This is the best place for sales,” she told Al Jazeera, cradling her baby daughter. Oliveira arrived in the border town of Cucuta a year and a half ago. She used to work in a shoe factory – now she lives from the little she makes from selling items on the side of the road.

Oliveira’s family is struggling to find work, proper housing and a school for her three children.

“We were expecting a friendly hand when we got here, but that’s not what we found,” she said.

“I feel sad, desperate because we can’t find jobs, my kid can’t study. We can’t do anything here,” she said, tears rolling down her face.

Read the full story on Al Jazeera English here.

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