‘Marielle lives!’ Brazil remembers slain activist

Al Jazeera | Marielle Franco was killed a year ago but has since become a symbol of resistance in Brazil.

Photo: Mia Alberti

“We are all outraged, we are sad,” Monica Benicio, Marielle’s wife, told Al Jazeera. “But there’s also a feeling of courage, of hope. Because Marielle’s figure has become a symbol of resistance and the feeling of solidarity is also a big driver for the events today,” she said.

Regarding Franco’s case, Monica said, the “real answer” is yet to be known.

“Who pulls the trigger isn’t the only one killing,” she said.

Franco was an outspoken defender of women, black and LGBT rights and often criticised police brutality.

‘How many have to die?’

In Sao Paulo, hundreds gathered at the city centre to remember her. Her face plastered across numerous banners and flags and her name echoed by the voices of those demanding justice. A group of black women on top of a speaker bus, chanted, “Marielle asked and I’ll ask again, how many people have to die for things to change?”

Read the full story on Al Jazeera English here.

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